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Rima Al-Juburi von 7 Eyes

Heute stelle ich Euch "meine Designerin" Rima Al-Juburi von 7 Eyes vor, ohne die es mich gar nicht geben würde.

Als "english nativespeaker" ist ihre Biografie in englisch, die sie jedoch am besten beschreibt:

7eyes is a Manufacturer Established in 1995 and registered as a trade mark since 2011, fine unique, incomparable, a vase a pendant a 7eyes creation is above all a joy for the eyes, each element is designed and manufactured with this in mind, using high quality raw materials all made by hand with passion and love for the historical details.

7eyes offers Glass and porcelain interior installations as well as Art and Design consulting, coordinating with other craftsmanship managing determining best ways to represent and branding organization or corporate identities.

The Artesigner behind the Label: Rima Al-Juburi takes advantage of her multicultural background to enrich her work, revisiting lost elements and details of vanished civilizations and cities she visited. Architecture is her foundation, Art is her passion, designs are her ideas and her skills are artisanal ... and then, her roots became her wings.


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